Happy 28th Birthday, Leona Louise Lewis!

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"I do really like children, but not as much as animals. Oh, that is such a bad thing to say!"

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Leona Lewis performs ‘Trouble’ with Michael Lane on "The Voice Germany"

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I can’t believe that I would ever want to be set free, but I just can’t stay. So your lovebird’s flying away, your lovebird’s flying away. ‘Cause my heart been stuck in a cage, gotta sing my song so pretty, dum dum diddy. And I’ll miss you everyday, but there’s nothing left to say.

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"It can be fine to embrace your femininity and your sexiness but sometimes with some girl performers, it goes over the line and verges on porn and that’s when I think, “What are you doing? That’s gross, have some self-respect!"

   Leona Lewis. 


‘I think a lot of people in this industry did kind of dismiss me because they thought I was too nice. People would say, “Oh my God, why are you so polite, why don’t you do anything interesting or scandalous like take drugs?” It’s weird in the music industry because you are damned if you do the bad stuff and damned if you don’t” - Leona Lewis

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I want the world at my feet, even if it’s bittersweet. Wanna stand on my own and hold my heart in my own hands. ‘Cause I begun to see that you and me are different breeds. So I gotta believe in, gotta get back to breathing.

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